Does JSP custom rule api no longer support?

i have use [Writing Custom Java Rules 101] to write some java custom rules, and now on i want to add some rules about jsp file, i was suggested to use [org.sonar.plugins.jsp.api.*] to parse jsp file but i cant find it in maven repository,Is there no official api? :worried:
do I need to implement the parser myself?
P.S i’m using sonarqube 9.5 and testCheck demo is given by chatgpt because i find nothing in google

Hey there.

org.sonar.plugins.jsp is a “hallucination” by ChatGPT – it doesn’t exist and has never existed. :slight_smile: We can’t support something that never existed!

Writing custom rules about JSP files is not supported using our APIs.

Hi Colin,
thanks a lot, so i think i need to write a whole third-party plugin just like sonar-findbugs :thinking:

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