Documentation - Formatting and lacking things

Hi you sonarsourcering ppl :stuck_out_tongue:

while reading Kevins reply here i realized (at least) two things:

  • formatting of parameter-keys seems borked
  • parameter-keys are not all displayed

Would you be willing/able to change that?

Moar Details:

  • formatting of parameter-keys seems borked (actually the whole tabular format … the forced linebreaks combined with the width-restriction puts quite a cognitive load on reading the tabular data) — when i analyze the below shown snippit i come to ask myself:

    • do your colleagues also have to work with this docs?
    • who had the pleasure to sign off this work as “done”? :sweat_smile:
    • (i will put screenshot below)
  • parameter-keys are not all displayed

    • In the docs it says here that there are language specific keys that i can set … but in the parameters list this parameters do not get mentioned. I would like to investigate what would be valid values to enter for: <LANGUAGE> in sonar.<LANGUAGE>.file.suffixes … and i would like to ask to document the parameters in the tabular data


Screenshot of my display of the tabular properties-documentation. It stays the same if viewed in different Browsers:

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I already found out something (which i would consider a workaround-ish solution :nerd_face: ) … if i open the mentioned UI-Settings-Page for “Administration” → “Languages” → “Your Language” i see displayed the settingsKey dynamically changing for every Language.

So that is kind of solved :+1: (Nevertheless; Out of curiosity; Would there somehow be a way for me to enumerate the possible language via API-Calls or smth like that?)


HI Daniel,

Yes. This. 1,000% this.

I’ve voiced this internally. I’ll make sure your voice is heard too.

Ehm… That’s an interesting question. The API was built to serve the UI. So if you can do it via the UI, then you can do it via the API. And… since the UI isn’t built to list all the language params at once, I’m not sure how easy it would be to do this. I suppose you could iterate through the langauges.

What’s listed in the docs are the parameters that can only be set on the analysis side. The rest can be found in the UI (assuming you have rights to get to the admin pages. :frowning:).


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Thank you for this feedback. The table formatting is our top priority for UI improvements to the docs, it will be coming soon.

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