Documentation bug for S4035

Documentation C# static code analysis: Classes implementing "IEquatable<T>" should be sealed on web site as of today (2022/01/28).
The Noncompliant Code Example contains several errors:

if (other == null) { return false };
Missing ‘;’ after return, unnecessary ‘;’ after closing brace, three identical locations in class Base, class A and class B

bool Equals(Base other)
must be: bool IEquatable<Base>.Equals( Base other )

Most importantly:
The code shown behaves correctly and is no example for the issue.
To make it illustrate the problem, class B must inherit from class A (or vice versa):
Wrong: class B : Base,
Correct: class B : A

Hello @Heinz and welcome to our community!

Thanks a lot for raising the problems with our documentation for rule S4035!

I have created this PR to fix the problem with the semicolons.
However the example is correct even without class B inheriting from A. As In this example both A and B classes inherit from the Base class, the equals method from the Base class will be called which will only compare the properties of the Base class, and that is the reason why an issue is raised.