Do we have any ruleset for code Quality check for IronPython, Knockout.js, HTML and CSS?

Hey Team,

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We are doing customization with “SAP CPQ[Configure Price Quote]” and creating some custom script on ironPython, Knockout.js, HTML and CSS. So do you have any ruleset for code Quality of IronPython, Knockout.js, HTML and CSS, By using that we can check quality of the code?

IF you have any rule set’s then please help us how we do configuration’s on local machine or with Github.


Hi @Dharmender,

We have great rules for Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

You should be able to benefit from most Python rules even in IronPython. We currently don’t have dedicated rules for .NET libraries in IronPython.

In Knockout.js, you can expect your Classes and ViewModels to be checked out of the box. Although we don’t have specific rules for templates.

You can get started pretty quickly with SonarLint in your IDE, SonarCloud with Github, or SonarQube locally.

Let us know if you encounter any problems.

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