.DLL or .class analysis

Hi guys,

I read in the documentation that is possible to analyze compiled source codes, .dll for C#.
But I didn’t managed to do it yet.

Did anyone manage to do it? .dll or .class?



You need to feed source files into analysis. Compiled .class files are additionally required for Java analysis, and C/C++/C# analyses eavesdrop on your compile. But you cannot analyze binary files directly and in the absence of the source files.


It is not clear in the documentation.

But my problem is that the source file is not compiling, but I have the compiled .dll (legacy software).

How do I feed the .dll and the source code?



Since we’re talking about a .dll then I guess you’re dealing with C#. You’ll find the steps to analyze C# here and alternatively here. Both sets of steps are pretty clear that you have to (successfully) compile the code. Without a successful compile you’re not going to be able to analyze.