Disparity between Lines and Lines of Code

I am using Azure DevOps integrated with pipelines. When I run the analysis of my solution, which is a Visual Studio solution that contains a React TypeScript app, the Lines of Code v. Lines metrics have a wide disparity, and only a few files show, yet the other measures accurately show the code. Is there a setting I need to adjust?

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With which scanner do you analyze your code ?



I am using the SonarScanner for Azure DevOps extension in DevOps to SonarCloud. The project is configured to the standard Sonar quality profiles.

Ok, but in the Prepare analysis configuration, which option do you use ? Scanner for MSBuild, Standalone ?

I have “Integrate with MSBuild” selected

Thank you.

Could you please send me the Run Code Analysis task log, in debug mode please ? I’d like to check all sonar.sources files that are detected. I can send you a PM if you want to share it privately.


I will generate the file. Please send me a PM so I can reply with the attachment.

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