Discrepancy of Metrics in Sonar Cloud vs Local test execution

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  • ALM used : Azure DevOps
  • CI system used : Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository : Nodejs, Reactjs
  • Command used to trigger Test framework : npm test run

The team is using Mocha and Chai test framework. While the Developer is executing the tests from local laptop / desktop, this provides a different metric, while after Sonar Cloud analysis, the metric mentioned in the Sonar UI is different. Ex. as attached.

As shown in above attached reports, the metrics are not the same.

One more ask from our side is there are some lines mentioned in SonarCloud UI where it mentions some lines not covered by Tests, ex. a line that declares a variable. Not sure how to make the tests to get these lines covered as well.

Any help would be appreciated ! Kindly let know for more information.


Hi PremKumar,

Welcome to the community!

Your coverage discrepancy is likely to be because of files not included in your test report. This (slightly dusty) blog explains why. A telltale clue here would be if you saw files in SonarCloud with 0% coverage that didn’t show up in your local coverage report at all.

Regarding the untested variable declarations, when the test report includes data on a file, we go with what the test report says, 100%. So there are “uncovered” lines in a file with some coverage and you don’t believe those lines are coverable, that’s something to take up with the folks who generate the report.