Disabling specific rules

Hey there community!

We are looking to disable some of the rules in the scanner. One example is completely disabling the cpp:NameSpace:Name rule. As we have our own convention that we follow,

We would like to be able to hide this rule or stop it from being enforced in the IDE ( stop the green squiggles from showing in VS2019). I see a few topics that briefly mention this ability/feature – however i do not see anything on the steps to take to actually do this(apart from where to go in the settings).

Going into general settings and clicking on edit rules opens a file named settings.json ( that looks to be created by sonarLint). however it is unclear how we add/disable the rules in this file. or if adding to this file is even the right way to disable a rule.

I was wondering if someone could help clear up some confusion :slight_smile:

Hello @Ty-Guy,

You can find it in the SonarLint doc on github.

I understand that it is not intuitive to find this page the first time. We are discussing improving this.


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