Disable Taint Analysis


We have our project in Github and we are building it using Jenkins + maven build. When we are running mvn sonar:sonar for sonar analysis, it is taking too much time and we have found that taint analysis is taking too much time from the total time. We have tried to find a way to disable taint analysis for our Java project and only option we have found is to disable rules.

Is there a better way of disabling taint analysis when we run mvn sonar:sonar sonar analysis?


Hey there.

Disabling the rules in your Quality Profile is the supported way to disable taint analysis.

And, if you’re willing to share more details about your project (how much longer it takes with taint analysis rules enabled, as a starter), it’s feedback our team would be happy to work through!

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply.

How will come to know which rules I need to disable to disable taint analysis?

Taint analysis in our project takes around an hour and total time taken by sonar analysis is around 1 hour 34 mins.

Please let me know what other details you need.

Thank you :slight_smile: