Disable specific categories of external analyzer issues as code smells

  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: C#

We have a specific compiler warning CA1822 that we would like not have listed as a code smell in SonarCloud.

The options we have:

  • Set sonar.cs.roslyn.ignoreIssues to True. But in this case I loose all CodSmell entries triggered by compiler warnings. But I would like to disable one specific rule.
  • Disable the warning for the compiler. This Option works, However we would like to have the same rules defined once (In SonarCloud) and use them for all projects. Maintaining a list of ignored warnings accross all CI-pipelines is kind of cumbersome.

Is anyone aware of a solution inside SonarCloud?

Hey there.

This seems like the kind of information you’d want to check into source control (to suppress the warning entirely).

There’s no way to disable a specific compiler warning on the SonarCloud side.