Disable GitHub Merge Request comments


We just released SCCOMM-19.

It is now possible to disable the summary comment. Go to Project page > Administration > General Settings > Pull Request and uncheck the option Enable summary comment.


In the settings it mentions the property “sonar.pullrequest.github.summary_comment”.
I just tried setting this to false and still received the summary comment.

Does the property actually work, or is this only possible through the UI?
Perhaps there is a specific value I have to set the property to to turn it off? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

It only works through the UI.

But I cant fint the setting… Is it on sonarcloud.io? Under Administration i only have this:

You should look under project administration :grinning::



Hi, how to disable the auto commenting to PR with SonarQube enterprise Edition Version 8.2 (build 32929)?
There is no checkbox for “Enable summary comments”, but Pull Request Decoration. But comments are automatically added to PR even there is no pull request decoration is used.

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Thanks for fixing this. Can you please provide a screenshot of where you can find this option? The instructions at https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/SCCOMM-19 didn’t help.

Thank you

Hi @Tong_CHANG,

Welcome to our community,

This feature is not yet available for SonarQube, it will be in 8.3.


Thank you Aurelie for the information, when is the estimated release date for 8.3?

Hi @Tong_CHANG,

It should be released end of April / early May.



While being able to disable comments per project is nice, it’s slightly cumbersome with the 40+ projects we have. Might I suggest two additions:

  • allow to configure a default value per organization
  • instead of removing the previous comments and adding a new comment with each analysis, edit the original first and only comment. That ought to stop the notification spam while still showing the details on the pull request.

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