Sonar GitHub Pull Request Integration very Chatty

This isn’t exactly a bug, rather an implementation that could be improved upon. When Sonar is integrated with GitHub for Pull Request analysis, scanning every time there is a commit to an open pull request, it is very chatty. It will post the same comment to the pull request over and over. It would be nice if it would only post changes (or delete the previous post and continue always posting). For example, if I open a pull request with a violation, and make 10 commits that do not fix said violation or update the relevant code, I end up with 10 comments for the same violation. This makes it rather difficult to maintain collaborative conversation when Sonar is constantly inserting useless comments in the middle.

Alternatively, the summary comment could go away entirely since Sonar decorates the violating lines within the pull request. At the very least, the posting of this summary comment could be made configurable through a sonar.pullrequest property.

  • SonarQube Scanner :
  • Java : 1.8.0_151
  • Linux : 4.15.0-1023-gcp
  • Server Version :
  • SonarTSQL :
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We’re aware of this issue. We plan to fix this within the coming months, you can track it here:

This was delivered.
Disable GitHub Merge Request comments - #31 by aurelie has a lot more discussion and links about it.