Disable Code Tab Access With User Permission in Sonar-Cloud

I want to disable code tab access to my sonar-cloud users. I have checked the user permissions, But I couldn’t find any option/permission to disable it.


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If you have Browse access on a project, you have access to, well, browse the whole thing. The only option here is to lock them out of the project entirely by removing the Browse permission.


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Hi again,

I’ve just been reminded that there’s a permission called See Source Code, which is available on private projects. So you could revoke that, without pulling access completely.

Sorry for the confusion.


Hi G Ann Campbell, Thanks for the reply.

But, with browse permission itself the user is able to see the entire source code.

See Source Code option is not controlling anything.

Ok! I got it. Browser Permission actually shows the folder structure and file names. But, See Source Code permission required to actually view the source code.

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