Disable Auto Analysis for new projects on org level

I found this thread about the very same question but it is closed. We also like to have the Automatic Analysis disable per default for new projects because it always creates a bottleneck for the team which created that new project. Automatic Analysis is not relevant for us because we need coverage information and, thus, every team executes the analysis from the pipeline. Thus, when uploading the data to SonarCloud this step always fails until an admin deactivated Automatic Analysis. Thus, support from admins needs to be requested to go into the respective project and switch the toggle for the Automatic Analysis every time a new project is created. This is really a bottleneck for the teams, slows down our processes because PRs cannot be merged and compromises our agile environment. Disabling the Automatic Analysis per default on organization level would be super helpful. What I can also imagine is to use an API endpoint for disabling it directly after project creation. As far as I know such an endpoint doesn’t exist, right? What can we do to overcome this?

Hello @jreimone ,

This option is currently not available, and I’ve added this feedback internally. As a workaround, you can add a sonar-project.properties file to your repository before importing it which will disable automatic analysis from the start.