Difficult problems arising from scanning Android projects

The situation is as follows: I am scanning Android projects that have been compiled successfully with Sonar-Scanner (this project is not our company’s project), but when I execute commands, there are always errors in a Java file. So I delete the problem files one by one in order to save time. But, the error always occurs in a different Java file every time the build fails, which makes me very vexed.When the same problem still appears after deleting more than a dozen files, I think there is a problem with my method, so I come here to ask experts for advice.
This is the moment when a build fails:

This is the content of my sonar-project.properties:


I have tried to use “./gradlew sonarqube…” before, but this project is not done by my company, so I don’t have Maven private server and other environments required for compilation. The binary files needed for scanning were provided to me by the person who wrote the project.

What else do I need to do to complete this scan? Please let me know.


Hey there.

It looks like during the analysis, svn has been detected as the SCM provider, and a connection attempt is being made.

Do you expect to have access to the SVN server where this code is hosted, or were you shared the code in another way?

Hello Colin.

Because of the timeout of the svn connection, I plan to let the code writer perform the scanning task by himself, but we have not scanned Android projects before.

I know that the Maven project can be scanned with the ‘mvn sonar:sonar…’ command or SonarScanner. I don’t know whether the Android project compiled by gradle can also be scanned with SonarScanner?

Could you tell me this? Thank you.

Have a nice weekend,