Differentiate new code and old code with latest version

I facing an with issue sonar latest version, I enabled the option to see new code in admin level which you suggested and ran the analysis again.

  1. New code is not differentiating properly, we couldn’t see what are lines changed and which are introducing the new bugs or vuln’s
  2. We do we have clear picture earlier like below screeshot, but currently with the sonar latest version it is not clear for us to check new bugs/vuln’s with the respective code changes

We are expecting something like below.

Our main view is to see like above and quickly say ok only one bug is getting introduced with the master branch code.

Please guide me how do we setup and display only changes of new code. With the latest version it is difficult for us to search the new/modified lines code. Instead it is showing full code

Please refer to the ticket - Differentiating Scanned New code vs Old code

As suggested I am starting new thread


It’s really not clear to me what you’re expecting that’s not happening.