Different runtime for SonarSource than the project

Hi all,

We’re developing a Java 8 project that uses the Gradle SonarScanner with an Enterprise SonarQube server for analysis. Everything ran fine until someone within IT decided that it was a good idea to upgrade SonarQube to version 9.3 thereby forcing it to Java 11. Upgrading the project to Java 11 is a no-go but we still need to do analysis to meet the customers requirements.

We are using

  • SonarQube EE version 9.3
  • Gradle 7.4
  • Gradle SonarScanner version 3.3
  • Azure DevOps with a self hosted build agent to build the project

Looking at the documentation of SonarScanner (SonarScanner for Gradle | SonarQube Docs) I don’t see any property that allows me to set a different JDK version for the plugin. I did find the sonar.java.jdkHome property but that is specifically for when not using Maven or Gradle and thus doesn’t work.

Does anyone have an idea on how to get this working?


You can either

  • build with a Java 8 runtime and analyze with Java 11
  • build and analyze with Java 11 but compile to Java 8.

There’s not an option to continue analyzing with a Java 8 runtime.