Different error reports than other code analyzers like Codacy

Hi -
I’m trying out SonarCloud while still relying on our existing solution of Codacy, so I’m still running/hooking both apps into our PRs. I’ve never made any customizations to Codacy or SonarCloud and have had it either import my existing code rules or defaulted to each apps initial preferences.

I’m noticing that Codacy is picking up more errors than SonarCloud and was hoping to get some feedback. I’ve provided a screenshot to show a recent PR with 3 (ESLint) errors.

Also, while I can appreciate the benefits of open community support (like this), I’m let down that that this is the only way to get support for this paid product.

Thanks -

Hello @trackwell-mike, welcome to our Community! Thanks for reaching us.
In order to better evaluate your question, is possible to provide a snippet of code that includes the 3 supposed issues?



Hi @Alexandre_Holzhey - Thanks for getting back to me. Is it possible to evaluate my question without the code? I’m curious if there are different nuances about SonarCloud vs. Codacy (in their initial, uncustomized states) that might explain why one product picks up errors the other does not? If it’s your understanding that (1) there shouldn’t really be any differences, or (2) you don’t know enough about Codacy to speak on their behalf, that’s fine too. I’m just curious if this is a frequent question and has a general answer.

Hello @trackwell-mike!

The differences you found are perfectly normal, since the capabilities and vendors decisions of each product. One product could find more complex problems or more types of problems. Also, each product has made it’s own decisions about what is relevant or not, based on their focus. We use a different analyzer, different set of rules and a different default config (you can configure it at quality profile definition, our default is called “Sonar Way”).

Different vendors are expected to capitalize on the strengths of their own products. They would certainly want to highlight interesting errors their software can detect and other vendors cannot. Or, they may disregard the competition, and focus on maximizing the value for development teams (that’s what we do).

Does not make sense to do a straight comparison between different products. But we can help you to evaluate about features you think is relevant, like the non reported issues. To do that a suitable sample code base is required as well a list of expected issues, so we can provide an explanation and/or configuration about them.


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