Different coverage % with junit5


(David J M Karlsen) #1

I have a project I migrated from junit4 to junit5 and get different coverage % before and after.
Before it is 46.8% and after it is 27something %. Have others experienced the same? I use jacoco for coverage measure in both cases.

I use surefire in both cases.

(Nicolas Peru) #2

Your post lack quite some information for anyone to answer precisely to your question.
The first thing I would try to do in your problem of difference of coverage is to understand if the issues comes from SonarJava analysis (thus SonarQube ecosystem) or from the generation of the report (and then it is something in your project configuration).
Try to generate XML JaCoCo reports in both cases and look at the number, if they match what you’ve saw in SonarQube then you can exclude it from the source of your trouble and have a closer look at how you’ve configured your project.