Different Analysis Sonar with same rules

I launch analyse from Gitlab job.
I use the Community Edition, Version 8.5.1 of SonarQube.

I wanted to change the name of my analyse.

With the first analyse I got 558 vulnerabilities that include 514 minor vulnerabilities.
In the second analyse, launch with the same job but with a different name and I have no more minor vulnerabilities.

I wanted to know if someone know why I have that difference.

Hi Ehanno,

Did you change the sonar.projectKey too?

Also, check to see both the Overall Code and the New Code tabs. Old vulnerabilities will not show up in the new code in subsequent scans.

Please analyze this on the 8.9 LTS release to see if it recurs.

Hi @Monty_Dickerson ,

The sonar.projectKey is the only one I changed.

Yes, when I launch the same code on the both analyses, I got the same things inthe new code tabs
And I check only in the overall Code to see this difference.