Difference history in Activity and Background Tasks


(Jenkins Aprisma) #1

Hi @ganncamp,
I wanna ask about menu activity in Sonarqube. Last week i scanned a project twice in a day. The history was shown in Background Task. But only the latest scan that was displayed in menu Activity. Why could this happen?


(Alban Auzeill) #2


The background tasks page lists all the analyses that have taken place. The Activity page lists the analyses that are still on record. The routine housekeeping cleans out old analyses on a regular basis, which is why some analyses no longer show up there. More in the docs: https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/instance-administration/housekeeping/


(Colin Mueller) #3

Also, please refrain from tagging specific community members in order to get a faster response. There are limitless people (SonarSourcers and non-SonarSourcers) equipped to answer questions.

(Jenkins Aprisma) #4

Thanks for your helpful answer @alban.auzeill

(Jenkins Aprisma) #5

Thanks for your advice @ColinHMueller