Did line count "algorithm" change between 8.9 LTS and 9.9 LTS?

We were running SonarQube Developer 8.9 LTS on Ubuntu with a 100K line license. We were close to the “notification threshold” of 20,000 when I upgraded to 9.9 LTS.

After upgrading to 9.9 LTS we exceeded the 100K line license, but if I sum all the “lines” for all projects listed (and I can see all projects) they sum to 77,591 which seem to match with what I saw with 8.9.

Is the “SonarQube is counting lines of the biggest branch” something new in 9.x or what else could have caused the line count to jump immediately after upgrade?


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No. It’s been this way for quite some time.

Was this immediately after upgrade, or after re-analysis?