Developing Sonar plugin for Micro Focus ALM suit


(Liran Levy) #1

Hey Sonar experts,

My name is Liran and I am a product Manager in Micro Focus.

We are about to start developing a plugin for Sonar to be integrated with our ALM suit, namely ALM Octane ( Our goal is to integrate leading products in the DevOps tool chain into our ALM products, including code quality, static analysis and code coverage scanning results into the ALM Octane, so we can trace issues originated from those kind of scanning and later on correlate those issues with backlog items as they move across the Agile workflow. i

We would appropriate if we can get some contact point from your side who can “approve” the plugin and make
sure we are in compliance with your demands as described in your documentation and before we put the efforts in the wrong place.

hope it can be done, and waiting to hear back from you !


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Liran,

The requirements for getting into the Marketplace are here.

Because your product is commercial, I feel the need to point out this requirement in particular:

  1. On initial entry into the Marketplace, SonarSource staff will test the plugin to verify reasonable functionality and quality. SonarSource staff must be provided with the necessary means to do this testing without the need to sign any agreements or fill out any forms. Ideally, the means to do this testing will be made available to the community at large, with the same lack of restrictions.

Let us know if you have any specific questions.