Developer License

We have been using Community Edition 7.6 and are ready to try Developer Edition to take advantage of branch and pr analysis.

I have requested a trial license 3 times in the last 8 weeks with no reply. I have also requested information from SonarCloud 2 times in the last 8 weeks and received no reply.

The sales/support has been extremely disappointing! There hasn’t even been an automated message to let me know my requests actually were sent.

My team is piloting SQ for our organization with the goal of bringing the other development teams on board once we have tried out branch/pr analysis.

Has anyone else been able to get support from the SonarSource team?

Hello Charles,

I cannot comment on SonarQube requests but I can on SonarCloud requests: I did respond to your 2 inquiries, so I suppose my answers went to spam or something similar.

Here was my last response: “Our prices are not in GPB, they are in EUR. And yes we are based in Europe, actually in Switzerland.”.

I hope this clarifies.


Hi Oliver! Thank you for the reply. That helps a lot! Our data has to stay within the USA so it looks like we will have to self-host. By the way, I was totally wrong about the prices being in GBP. My mistake. :slight_smile: