Detect file rename as old code in branch analysis

I need assistance with branch analysis in detecting a renamed file as old code. We have SCM enabled and are using jGit by default. During our branch analysis for differences and coverage between two branches, we encountered an issue where a renamed file was identified as a new file. This led to a decrease in coverage, which was not our expected outcome. We found support for RPS in the community, but we’re unsure if branch analysis supports it, or if there’s a misconfiguration on our end. Additionally, we’re using version 9.9LTS.


Branch analysis should support file-move detection, and has for a long time.

FIle Move Detection is based on an algorithm, which you can see here (I’m not even sure I understand it).

Did this file substansially change in the PR – or was it only renamed?

hi Colin,

First of all, thank you for your answers.
The file in question has not only been renamed but its contents have changed slightly, and the home directory has also changed. However, the same version of sonarqube(9.9LTS) was able to correctly identify the file based on Specific analysis scanning.

Therefore, I am curious why branch analysis is not possible. :smiling_face_with_tear: