Delete a Sonarcloud project that belongs to GitHub organization I am an owner of


I am trying to delete some projects from Sonarcloud.
These projects belong to a GitHub organization which I am on owner of.
However, when I login to Sonarcloud using my GitHub credentials, they do not appear under My Projects tab. In addition, even when I find them and click on each one of them, I do not see the Administration option in order to delete them.

Could you please assist me with the deletion process? Is there anything else I am missing from my side?

In case it helps, these are the projects I need to delete:

Thank you in advance.

Hey there.

You may lack project-level administration permissions on these projects. You can still delete them through the organization-level Administration > Projects Management.

If you don’t have organization-level permissions on SonarCloud… you’ll need to talk to the Owners of your SonarCloud organization.

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