Custom severity of rule after plugin update

Probably trivial thing but I could not find hard-written confirmation of it (and server I am on now is not suitable for experiments).
Situation: I have rule (SonarJava analyzer plugin), and I changed its severity in couple quality profiles.
Question: Will it’s severity change (back to original or something else) upon next plugin update (or it will stay same that I set it now)?
Question 2: In which situations plugin update changes rule’s severity?

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answer 1 = no the severity stays as configured in your custom quality profile, it may change in the
builtin quality profile (‘Sonar way’) though
answer 2 = no situation i know of, but there maybe other problems
it happened recently, when rule keys of the Sonar Java plugin changed starting
with version 6.x from squid:xxx to java:xxx

This might be a problem when using the rule squid:1309 Track uses of “@SuppressWarnings” annotations
There were some glitches and related jira tickets with one still unresolved

Had no possibillity to test this yet, still waiting for the fixes in Sonarqube 8.4.1
We’ll see if there are any problems with the update of Sonar Java from 5.x to 6.x