Custom Rule Plugin - CompilationUnitTreeImpl ClassCastException - Help?

Hi all,

Spin off of:

So I upgraded the version and it is now in-sync with the sonar-java.jar version in the SQ distribution.

I’m still seeing the same issue however. It partially helped. This problem was impacting 3 projects. 2 of them are now not impacted. The last one is and it makes no sense to me. Same ‘exact’ issue.

CompilationUnitTreeImpl does not exist anywhere in code-base and am not casting to any impl classes.

Based on advice from the Q&A thread attached:
1.) I have confirmed that I am not casting to any impl classes (notes earlier in attached thread).
2.) Brought version of plugin in-sync with the Sonar-Java .jar in the SonarQube distribution.

One new thing I noticed:

Do you think this relates to the java-front end dependency? Where I need to set the scope to “provided”?

Is there anything else you can recommend? Without some guidance, I’m 100% stuck in place.

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate any guidance you could provide.