Custom Rule in an Extended Quality Profile

Hi All,

Need your help in creating in creating a Custom rules for java in a extended Quality profile on Sonar Cloud.

I have read that creation of a custom rule is not possible in Sonar Cloud. Any pointers on how it can still be achieved.


Hey there.

It’s not possible to create a custom rule and add it to your Quality Profile – but if you craft some tool to detect issues and put the results in the format of Generic Issue Data, you can import the issues into SonarCloud.

And, if there’s a rule you think would benefit many users you’d like to suggest, you can do so here:

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Thanks for your help Colin.

Request one more help.

As per our requirement, we need to analyze multiple java files without a build with Sonar Cloud.

The same requirement can be achieved for a single java file using the Command prompt with sonar commands, but is failing for multiple java files as its throwing an error for build required.

The error is as following - "ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution Your project contains .java files, please provide compiled classes with property, or exclude them from the analysis with sonar.exclusions property."

Can you please tell us a way in which we can analyze multiple java files simultaneously without having a build.


Since you’ve raised this question here:

I’ll close this thread