Custom elements in css (ionic-framework) reported as a bug


I’ve added my public repo to sonar cloud and the custom elements from ionicframework are treated as an issue.

I’ve got 220 more of this issue type.

My project is an cordova/ionic based application within angular and typescript with scss.
Where can I set the rules, that the custom elements of Ionic are not an bug anymore?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Graphefruit,

Sorry for the late reply.

You can customize this rule (it’s css:S4670 right ?) by creating a new quality profile. If you currently use the Sonar way quality profile then you have to create a new quality profile that inherit from it and then to de-activate and re-activate the rule you want to customize. And while re-activating it inside your new quality profile you should see some parameters that you can change.


You can also follow the more detailed solution from @OlivierK here:

Hi @Gregoire_Aubert sorry for my late replay i’m now active again.
I’ve fixed it with your solution.
Greetings :slight_smile:

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