Custom Branch name


(Bernardo Vale) #1

Hey guys.

At my current job, we have a release flow between github Organizations.

The developer writes code on a team Organization (A github organization that belongs to a certain development team) and when ready, open a PR from their “master” branch to the “master” organization master branch.

If we implement Sonarqube branch plugin without any customization we would end up with several sonar projects. One per team organization plus the master organization.

We don’t want that!

To cope with this problem we end up doing some CI customization to add the organization in the sonar branch name.

Imagine that we have a team called Alpha and another called Beta and both have a branch named develop, in our Sonar project we have then two branches:

Alpha/develop and Beta/develop

With this customization, the sonar branch no longer matches the git branch.

So my question is, are we losing any functionality by doing this customization?