Creating custom rules for Gherkin Language

I have tried to develop a custom rule for Gherkin language (.feature) file. I have followed this github repository and developed one custom rule and in that repo by default 3 sample custom rules are there. Then I have build the custom rule jar file and updated in SonarQube server and then tried to execute the analysis, these newly added Gherkin custom rules were not working. How can I proceed this further?

Thanks in advance.

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That repo is abandoned and it’s quite likely the plugin it generates isn’t compatible with current versions of SonarQube. If it were, you would need to install both it and your own plugin since that repo (presumably) defines the Gherkin language for SonarQube.

Without that plugin, you’ll need to do the whole thing from scratch: define the language, collect basic metrics, and so on. The Community Rust plugin is probably a good template to work from.


Thanks for response Ann.