Creating a Group with reverse proxy

SonarQube: version 8.4.1 (Docker)
Nginx: version 1.19 (Docker)

I just recently got my SonarQube container working with an Nginx reverse proxy. I was proxying “/” to SonarQube. And everything worked perfectly. I then changed my proxy location to “/sonarqube/” to SonarQube and set sonar.web.context=/sonarqube/ in And now, when ever I try to add a group to my instance, I get error 401 Unauthorized and it sends me to the login screen. This process just repeats forever.
I assume that I have a misconfiguration in Nginx where it is not passing credentials to the group creation API. Can anyone give me some pointers on what I may have done?

Hi @davenupp,

Does this only happen on Groups, or are there any other admin tasks that you’re kicked out for? Because if the configuration is incorrect, nothing should work; it shouldn’t be tied to the Groups. Also, are you performing this action through the UI, or via the webservices?

Thanks for the reply.

I am using the UI for my configuration. And you are right, it appears to be any administrator action. I also see the same behavior when trying to change the logging level from the UI.