Create rule for syntax checker in pull request for nodejs

Hey guys
I want to create the rule to check syntax error in pull request can you please help to create rules

Which language are we talking about?
Which syntax errors do you want to check?

I am talking about Nodejs javascript language and syntax error like we missed like commas curly braces open closed braces open but not closed or inverted quote open but not closed,

It’s not recommended to rely on SonarCloud to detect such problems, you better use NodeJS itself for that (e.g. see this article).

Still there is rule javascript:ParsingError which you can activate and it will create an issue for each parsing failure.

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Hi Elena
how we activate and deactivate rules can you help me from our dashboard

If I understand correctly, you’re not looking for “creating” rules, but for activating / deactivating them. In that case, I think you’re looking for the Quality Profiles documentation.