Create new project from Bitbucket Server shows only to letter D

I’ve run into this problem as well. By watching the network tab in my browser, I can confirm that the search api call works to bring back the repository I was searching for which is found in a project that is dramatically deeper in the list than 25. However, the UI only displays repos grouped by the projects already downloaded.

From the network it appears that the following occurs when the browser loads /projects/create?mode=bitbucket:

  1. Call list_bitbucketserver_projects on bitbucket server which returns first 25 projects
  2. Iterate over the list of projects returned calling search_bitbucketserver_repos for each proejct to show the repos within each

When I search for my repo in the search box, I can see the network call that returns all of the repos that match. However, the UI only displays the repos found in the first 25 projects retrieved in step 1 above when the screen first loaded. To me, it appears there are three options:

  1. Change the code behavior to search for projects instead of repos and display all repos for a given project
  2. Iterate the results of the search and retrieve the project name for each for grouping
  3. Display the repos without grouping by project

Hope that helps with debugging

Hi, Is there a solution to this? I am facing the same problem in my case.

Hi, this has been fixed in SonarQube 8.5 :slight_smile: