Create my own software quality category

I’m currently working on implementing sonar rules to check the “ecological” aspect of my code (I’m using the “eco-code java” open source plugin). However, I’d like to modify it to create a new software quality criterion that’s displayed in the dashboard in the same way as “security”, “reliability” or “maintainability”, but in this case it would be a new “green” label.

Is it possible to define a custom field when defining my rules in my plugin or not? How can I classify them according to a new criterion and make this criterion easily distinguishable?

Alternatively, maybe I could create a new page in projects through my plugin that would display only the statistics of green rules, but I don’t have too many ideas on how to do that.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Astier.

Nothing in our API allows you to define your own software qualities. It’s hardcoded in our Plugin API (see here).

I’m not sure we will allow that, but thanks for raising the point.

Sustainability is something we plan to tackle soon, so I expect it will make its way into the Plugin API. I don’t have a precise ETA to share.

Just throwing ideas out there – you could tag issues as you see fit and then query for those tagged issues in this unique page.

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