Coverage in master is not updating

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That PR is the first PR with SonarCloud coverage results to be merged. The PR calculated 55.2% coverage.

The PR has been merged, but the coverage reported in the “master” dashboard overview is still 0%

Note: we do not re-run our unit tests on PR merge. The tests were already run and passed in the PR.

How do we get the “master” coverage (and other analysis information) to update?

I made the unit tests run again in the merge CI, and do SonarCloud analysis…
Now there is coverage detail available at
So I guess there is no magic - we have to run the tests again on merge.

After the PR is merged to master, you must analyze master again to update the code quality measures for it. The test coverage report from the pull request is not remembered in any way, so you must provide that again to the new scan of master. No magic indeed! :wink: