Coverage and Duplications partially shown in the Bitbucket extension

I have an Angular project which is successfully integrated with the SonarQube i.e. all relevant information about code metrics for both branch analysis and pull requests is problemless displayed on the SonarQube server. Additionally I use the plugin for Bitbucket, so the results from the analysis can be easily presented there.

  • I use the following versions:
    SonarQube: v9.5
    Scanner: sonar-scanner-
    Plugin: SonarQube-Jenkins Plugin v2.14
  • The problem is that sometimes pieces of information are missing, more concrete either the coverage or the duplications. Below I have two screeshots as an example:

Picture 1: Analysis on the Bitbucket page from the plugin

Picture 2: Analysis on the SonarQube page

As you can see the first picture presents the analysis metrics in Bitbucket and the coverage number is 0% whereas the second picture shows the results for the same pull request, but the coverage number is 58.23%.

So my question is, what is the reason for this? (I can provide the file as well, but you see that the analysis results are displayed on the SonarQube server correclty)


Thanks for providing screenshots of both sides. That’s very helpful.

At the same time, on SonarQube 9.5 you’re a little bit behind. The current version is 9.7.1 (9.8 is imminent) and the current scanner version is 4.7. Can you upgrade both the server and the scanner (the latter is less important in this context but should still be done) and see if the problem is replicable?


Hello Ann,

Thank you for your response!

As soon as we upgrade both versions, I will provide feedback whether the problem is replicable.