Could not find the pullrequest with key when trigger pull request azure pipeline

I recieved logs bellow when I create pull request and trigger scan sonar( when I run pipeline manually on this branch there is no error). Anyone help me in this case?
This logs:

2023-06-20T08:54:03.6302974Z ##[section]Starting: SonarCloudAnalyze
2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306136Z ==============================================================================
2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306268Z Task         : Run Code Analysis
2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306333Z Description  : Run scanner and upload the results to the SonarCloud server.
2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306424Z Version      : 1.40.0
2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306482Z Author       : sonarsource
2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306555Z Help         : Version: 1.40.0. This task is not needed for Maven and Gradle projects since the scanner should be run as part of the build.

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2023-06-20T08:54:03.6306780Z ==============================================================================
2023-06-20T08:54:03.7978969Z [command]/home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarCloudAnalyze_ce096e50-6155-4de8-8800-4221aaeed4a1/1.40.0/sonar-scanner/bin/sonar-scanner
2023-06-20T08:54:03.9820845Z INFO: Scanner configuration file: /home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarCloudAnalyze_ce096e50-6155-4de8-8800-4221aaeed4a1/1.40.0/sonar-scanner/conf/
2023-06-20T08:54:03.9846868Z INFO: Project root configuration file: /home/vsts/work/1/s/
2023-06-20T08:54:04.0167509Z INFO: SonarScanner
2023-06-20T08:54:04.0168496Z INFO: Java 17.0.7 Eclipse Adoptium (64-bit)
2023-06-20T08:54:04.0169494Z INFO: Linux 5.15.0-1039-azure amd64
2023-06-20T08:54:04.3130280Z INFO: User cache: /home/vsts/.sonar/cache
2023-06-20T08:54:10.8522016Z INFO: Analyzing on SonarCloud
2023-06-20T08:54:10.8524617Z INFO: Default locale: "en", source code encoding: "UTF-8"
2023-06-20T08:54:11.2501802Z INFO: Load global settings
2023-06-20T08:54:12.2227479Z INFO: Load global settings (done) | time=975ms
2023-06-20T08:54:12.2261576Z INFO: Server id: 1BD809FA-AWHW8ct9-T_TB3XqouNu
2023-06-20T08:54:12.2354150Z INFO: User cache: /home/vsts/.sonar/cache
2023-06-20T08:54:12.2402016Z INFO: Load/download plugins
2023-06-20T08:54:12.2405415Z INFO: Load plugins index
2023-06-20T08:54:13.1982033Z INFO: Load plugins index (done) | time=957ms
2023-06-20T08:54:32.1630922Z INFO: Load/download plugins (done) | time=19923ms
2023-06-20T08:54:33.4091873Z INFO: Loaded core extensions: developer-scanner
2023-06-20T08:54:33.8419531Z INFO: Found an active CI vendor: 'Azure DevOps'
2023-06-20T08:54:33.8560536Z INFO: Load project settings for component key: 'nhattan1506_flow-chart-app'
2023-06-20T08:54:34.7914048Z INFO: Load project settings for component key: 'nhattan1506_flow-chart-app' (done) | time=935ms
2023-06-20T08:54:34.7976272Z INFO: Process project properties
2023-06-20T08:54:34.8031220Z INFO: Execute project builders
2023-06-20T08:54:34.8043258Z INFO: Execute project builders (done) | time=2ms
2023-06-20T08:54:34.8059375Z INFO: Project key: nhattan1506_flow-chart-app
2023-06-20T08:54:34.8059942Z INFO: Base dir: /home/vsts/work/1/s
2023-06-20T08:54:34.8062553Z INFO: Working dir: /home/vsts/work/1/s/.scannerwork
2023-06-20T08:54:34.9071960Z INFO: Load project branches
2023-06-20T08:54:35.9400529Z INFO: Load project branches (done) | time=1034ms
2023-06-20T08:54:35.9426257Z INFO: Check ALM binding of project 'nhattan1506_flow-chart-app'
2023-06-20T08:54:36.8739556Z INFO: Detected project binding: BOUND
2023-06-20T08:54:36.8740656Z INFO: Check ALM binding of project 'nhattan1506_flow-chart-app' (done) | time=931ms
2023-06-20T08:54:36.8768931Z INFO: Load project pull requests
2023-06-20T08:54:37.7917248Z INFO: Load project pull requests (done) | time=915ms
2023-06-20T08:54:37.7944491Z INFO: Load branch configuration
2023-06-20T08:54:39.3873111Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2023-06-20T08:54:39.3876735Z INFO: EXECUTION FAILURE
2023-06-20T08:54:39.3879396Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2023-06-20T08:54:39.3884730Z INFO: Total time: 35.425s
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4288998Z INFO: Final Memory: 21M/74M
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4290035Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4319649Z ##[error]ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
ERROR: Could not find the pullrequest with key '39'
ERROR: Caused by: Error 404 on : {"errors":[{"msg":"Unable to find the pullrequest with key \u002739\u0027"}]}
ERROR: Re-run SonarScanner using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4330505Z ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4333712Z ERROR: Could not find the pullrequest with key '39'
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4334448Z ERROR: Caused by: Error 404 on : {"errors":[{"msg":"Unable to find the pullrequest with key \u002739\u0027"}]}
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4334728Z ERROR: 
2023-06-20T08:54:39.4334963Z ERROR: Re-run SonarScanner using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2023-06-20T08:54:39.7608628Z ##[error]The process '/home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarCloudAnalyze_ce096e50-6155-4de8-8800-4221aaeed4a1/1.40.0/sonar-scanner/bin/sonar-scanner' failed with exit code 2
2023-06-20T08:54:39.7651606Z ##[section]Finishing: SonarCloudAnalyze


Welcome to the community!

If you’re sure PR #39 exists, then this is a “security feature”. Many systems will return a 404 error (i.e. what you’ve asked for doesn’t exist) rather than a 403 error, thus admitting that the resource exists; you just don’t have access to it.

You should double-check the PAT you’ve configured SonarCloud with.