Could any Java developers volunteer to test my SonarQube custom Java plugin for my thesis?

Currently, I am doing a Master thesis in LUT University, Finland on the topic “Static code analysis for reducing energy consumption in different loop types - A case study in Java”. As a part of the thesis, I have creted a Java Maven SonarQube plugin, which helps to detect and suggest source code for rectification of energy code-smells in different loop structures in Java. In addition, it aims to help developers uncover energy-related issues and assess their impact on resource consumption, and apply appropriate optimizations or refactoring strategies.

Now, as I have released the version of the plugin, I am looking for Java developers from the industry, who have worked in SonarQube, to participate and test my plugin in their project or any open source project and provide feedback in a google form.

Please participate in the testing of this plugin and provide your feedback. This will really help.

The following is the link to the plugin. All the information needed to install the plugin are in the Readme file.

After completing the testing, please provide your feedback from the google form attached below. The form won’t take more than 5 mins. All the responses provided in the form will be confidential and only be used for research purposes.

If you come across any doubts, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you all.


Hi all, I am still open to receive feedback till 26th July. Your participation will be of great help to me.

Hi @Ram_Gurung,

I sent detailed feedback on the Google Form about the 5 rules that you provide.

Here I summarize my view:

  • I think energy consumption, like performance needs to be precisely measured to ensure a code pattern is more efficient than another. The results are too often counterintuitive, so good practice and rules should always be related to real-life studies.
  • Rules targeting architectural decisions are far more impactful than rules focussing on a low level of optimization.
  • I strongly think energy consumption rules will become more and more important.

Good luck with the continuation!

HI @alban.auzeill,

Thank you so much for the detail feedback. Much appreciated :pray: