generates old build-wrapper version output


Recently we had success in using script to generate a build-wrapper-dump.json file out of the CMake compile_commands.json file.

The problem is we receive error during scan and in the server regarding not matching analyzer and build-wrapper version:
was generated using old build-wrapper version,
which does not match analyzer version.

Please download matching version from the server

  • SonarQube server version 8.7.0.
  • Scanner version
  • The management does not consider to use version 9.0.0, which supports compile_commands.json as input directly.

My questions are:

  • Should we be concerned about this warning?
  • What problems can it cause?
  • Is it possible to edit the script in some way to prevent this warning in the server?


Hello @Ovidijus,

If the analysis is working normally without any other warnings and failures It should be fine(You can enable scanner verbose inputs for more insights).
This warning is to encourage people to update to the latest build-wrapper before concluding that the analysis doesn’t work or that their compilers aren’t supported. usually, build wrapper updates focus on adding new compilers and build tools support.


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Hello @Abbas_Sabra ,

Thank you for the answer.

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