Convert and upload Go code coverage report

I’m using Sonar version 9.9. I’m attempting to manually upload code coverage results from running tests on Go code. The guide at this does not have documentation for Go. It also doesn’t have instructions for uploading the results to Sonar.

I tried a tool which generates XML output for test coverage, but the result did not match what Sonar wants.

This might help you:

Along with the Go Test Coverage Analysis parameter documented here (sonar.go.coverage.reportPaths)

Thanks for your reply.

I did already look at the documentation - Golang is not covered there. And I’m not sure what do with that parameter.

Hey there.

Go is mentioned, right here, in the linked community guide.

Analysis parameters are passed to the scanner, typically via arguments sonar-scanner -Dsonar.analysisParameter=value or in a file.