Container 'docker' exceeded memory limit

Hi All,

I have installed sonarqube docker on aws ubuntu server which has 4 gb ram.
version : 9.5
I am using bitbucket repository to do the analysis.
pls. note that I am able to do configure analysis of simple php , html website with 5 to 6 web page.
but when I am trying to do analysis for my another app it was giving below error.
Container ‘docker’ exceeded memory limit.

I tried to increase memory . Pls. note that my aws server has 4 GB RAM is it due to that?
what should be RAM for my server.

My project Programming languages are angular , node , react, elasticsearch and java.


Hi Dhrupal,

Welcome to the community!

You’re not running the server and analysis on the same server, are you? Per the docs

SonarQube server requires at least 2GB of RAM to run efficiently and 1GB of free RAM for the OS.

So SonarQube alone on that 4Gb server should be fine. Analysis should be on a different server, and analysis memory requirements are going to vary based on the size and complexity of the project.


Thank you for the reply Ann.
I am using bitbucket pipeline , i am not sure where the analysis is done.

I have installed only SonarQube on that server and as analysis on the same server it is giving error.