Consultation for additional rules regarding ELSE

What if I want to add the following rules?

There is no ELSE in the IF statement…

My aim is when I write the following source, ELSE
I want to get the insight that I have to prepare an ELSE case in a situation where I have not prepared.
Similar but slightly different,isn’t it?

If x = 0 Then

End If

I’m using SonarLint ,under Visual Studio 2019.


Hi @yoshida2021,

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Let me see if I understood right: you want a rule which will check that all If statements end with ElseIf?


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Welcome to our community.

Hi Costin

Thanks,a lot.

As an indecent, you can add rules,
That helps a lot.

If choose in the check box, if this rule is unnecessary, will not be affected

Hi @yoshida2021,

We discussed internally and we will not implement the suggested rule, we think that it would generate too much noise.

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