Consola web does not present the projects

good afternoon please could you help me with a problem I have in sonarqube7

the projects that I do an analysis in eclipse are not being visualized in the web console, previously if all were visualized.

Previously, I also used to play locally on my machine with windows 7, but I deleted the files from the sonar cache and the projects could be visualized.

but in my server centos do not appear all the projects I want to delete the cache of the server sonarqube centos but I can not find it thanks for the help or what should I do


It’s unclear what your problem is here. A reminder before anything: SonarLint analysis will not submit any data to the SonarQube server, so if you want projects to appear in your SonarQube server you’ll have to duly analyze them. (unclear if you did that, and what you mean by sonar cache)

Good afternoon thank you for answering
the sonar cache means the place of memory where the projects will be saved, for example the projects in the operating systems in windows will save the projects in the following route

C: \ Users \ apaillacho \ .sonar \ cache

what I want to know in which part of the cache the projects of the centos architecture will be saved in order to erase those projects and to be able to visualize the projects that I need


This is incorrect. The .sonar/cache directory you’ve observed is only used to locally cache some binaries/data that are used to perform the analysis of a project. The project itself and its code quality results are then persisted in the SonarQube Server (which is connected to a database). I recommend learning a bit more about the SonarQube architecture if you wish to dig this more, and studying the overall documentation to understand expected SonarQube behaviour/usage.