Configuring the Quality Gate for Branch and merges to the main branch

ALM: GitLab
CI: GitLab
Scanner: Maven sonar:sonar
Languages: Java
Error: see details below
Steps to Reproduce: see details below
Potential Workaround: unknown

We are a Paid Plan customer, so direct me to proper support channels if necessary.

We are running Quality Gate scans and seeing branch pipelines pass, but on merge to master|main the pipelines fail, often with blame attributed to contributors not associated with the merge. This doesn’t feel as if it should be occurring if the branch passed and master|main passed previously.

This feels like a misconfiguration of the QG or Sonarcloud, but the documentation is not providing a clear understanding of possible solutions or setting expectations.


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Can you provide a little more detail about what causes Quality Gate failure after merge?

There are legitimate reasons for new issues to be raised on old code, and since those wouldn’t show up in a PR - since PR analysis only reports on code changed in the PR - they would only show up after merge.


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Thank you G Ann Campbell (can’t mention yet…)! I’ve read your links and cross links and this is the documentation that I sought as a start. There have been active changes to the QG (if somewhat haphazardly by others) that may also be contributing to the identification of issues. I’m still waiting on some feedback from teams to get more examples, but this documentation is a great start.

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