Configuring LDAP with nested groups

I need some help to configure LDAP management in SonarQube.
I’m using SonarQube 7.9.1 (Community Edition) and LDAP plugin 2.2 (build 608).

Currently, users can authenticate using their login/password of LDAP. The issue is with groups management. We have set for SonarQube a group that contains two others.

For example:

  • SonarQube-Users
    . SonarQube-Group1
    . SonarQube-Group2

In SonarQube administration, we have created the corresponding groups ( SonarQube-Users, SonarQube-Group1, SonarQube-Group2).

Test case
We have a user belonging to SonarQube-Group1.

When I login to SonarQube, my user has been added to the group SonarQube-Users.
Log extract:
“List of groups returned by the identity provider [SonarQube-Users]”
What seems weird is that there always is only one group retrieved.

Expected Result
When I login to SonarQube, my user is added to SonarQube-Users AND SonarQube-Group1.

The current configuration for groups mapping is:


I saw in this post that someone could manage to make it work, but I have the same configuration as his.

Is there someone who could provide me some help for this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Lorenzo Miceli

Ok I found out what wen wrong.
It was the property ‘’ that was not well configured as we were searching groups in the wrong OU.
A tool help me to figure this out (if anyone is interested):

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