Configuration of rule Deprecated elements should have both the annotation and the Javadoc tag

Would it be possible in the future to make rule squid:MissingDeprecatedCheck configurable so it doesn’t check since and forRemoval annotation parameters? Basically so it has the same rule behavior on JDK 8 and JDK 9 and newer.

It doesn’t always make sense, especially for internal APIs, to have these parameters filled in.
I would turn this rule off, but I appreciate the rule for the @deprecated JavaDoc.
The other suggestion would be to decouple these rules.


Just adding some reference here for sake of history :

I struggle to understand why you would not want to have the ‘since’ and ‘forremoval’ precised in your deprecated annotation. The rule will only raise an issue if there is NO argument specified, so only one of the two is sufficient and I believe that the since is a very nice piece of information even for internal APIs.