Concurrent analysis of projects with PR decoration


(Stephen Larkin) #1

We’ve set up a number of different builds to run during pull requests so that only code that is impacted is built and analysed. For example we have one build task that detects if Typescript code has been changed and another that detects if C# code has been changed.

These tasks work as expected, analysing the code correctly and building, but only one task actually decorates the Pull Request in VSTS, overriding the comments of the last analysis.

Is there any way of separating the analysis so that it reports comments and analysis for each of the build tasks?

(Sean Fleming) #2

This has already been raised here. So it’s on the radar, but isn’t a high priority at the moment :frowning:.

We’re in exactly the same boat at the moment, hopefully this is fixed soon.

I’m fairly certain you can record arbitrary information against PR comments, so it should be possible to record which build a comment is for. It’s a shame that the code involved isn’t on GitHub, but I guess is makes sense as it’s in the paid-for part of SonarQube…

(Stephen Larkin) #3

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve left a comment on that thread as well. Here’s hoping that they will move it up their priority list soon.