Compute engine is not operational

SonarQube version using : .7.7
After successful execution in command prompt the sonarqube dashboard not getting updated.
SonarQube showing error in system as shown below

Hi @Vignesh,

The first place to look is in the Compute Engine logs: <SONARQUBE_INSTALL>/logs/ce.log. Can you take a look and see if there’s anything there that indicates what the problem is?

A couple of other things: firstly it’s not good etiquette to mention a specific person unless they’re already helping you on an issue. There are any number of SonarSourcers and other Community members who can help with your issue. Secondly, the version of SonarQube you’re running is pretty old and unsupported; once you’ve solved this problem you should consider upgrading to at least the 7.9 LTS, if not a more recent version.